2020 is the year of Education for Tamdeen Youth Foundation

Tamdeen Youth Foundation believes that education is the gateway to peace-building, and the window of hope to get out of the cycle of violence, poverty and conflict to a better future for Yemen and its children. On the occasion of the International Day of Education, January 24, the Foundation announces that education is on the top of its programs for the year 2020, which it launched by mobilizing resources for the construction of 3 schools in the most deprived and densely populated areas of Taiz Governorate (Omar Bin Al Khattab School in Ayfoua, Shara’ab Al Salam district, Al-Khair School in Bani Bukari, Jabal Habashy district; and a school for the people of the villages of She’ab Omarin, Al-Hwait and Haydhah in Samea district). Tamdeen Youth Foundation highly values the interaction of the private sector youth, businessmen, local councils and community initiatives to support its program for education promotion in Yemen. It appeals to the business club, the federation of chambers of commerce and industry and government agencies to adopt the foundation’s initiative to integrate with local civil society organizations, to work with a common vision and mechanism, and to implement programs and projects to achieve sustainable development. In partnership with Care International and government agencies and funds, the foundation also announces the completion of the field surveys of the (Economic empowerment) program in Sana’a, Taiz and Aden . This program, which is characteristic of Tamdeen Youth strategy for the years 2020_2022, aims at lifting thousands of youth in Yemen from unemployment and poverty, and giving them life skills and careers that guarantee them a decent life and enable them to join the labor market and contribute to the reconstruction of YemenIn conclusion, the foundation affirms that success will be completed only with the effective partnership and support of donors, the private sector and the government … Together for sustainable development and a stable and effective society.

Janat Nabeel: I want colored pencils and a drawing book

Janat Nabeel Ali Abdullah, a 6-year-old Yemeni girl who was displaced with her family from Qa’atabah in Al-Dhalea, and all found refuge only in Ad Daleel region in Ibb governorate .
“I have succeeded in bringing one game of mine, and I don’t know the fate of the rest … I want colorful pencils and a drawing book that my brother promised to buy when we go home,” Janat said innocently. She left the RRM team, implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with a full smile of hope.

Sabah Al-Ammari : I dream of a safe life in which I return with my family to my home

Sabah Al-Ammari is a 40-year-old woman forced by the war to displace with her husband and their 8 children from Al Fakher village, Qa’atabah district, in Al Dhalea governorate to Ibb governorate. The Rapid Response Project (RRM) team, implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), was able to reach them on Oqed mountain in Al Makhader district and assisted them to survive …
“My dreams are modest, I want a safe life in which I return with my family to my home,” Sabah said of her dreams.
War may force us to displace … But it will not lose our resolve to continue life

He took his son “Omar” to the corner of the rehydration, unconscious…. He left it walking with a smile that gives hope and life

“Khalid Jawas” was not sure that his child would remain alive until he reached the health unit in Baherah hamlet in Mawiyah district – Taiz city. Khaled carried his 9-year-old child “Omar” between his arms. Omar lost consciousness 4 hours after he had severe diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. Khalid went quickly from his village, “Habil Al-Shalin”, to the health unit of “Baherah”. The medical team met him in the unit and the signs of panic and fear apparent on his face, embracing his child, who is unconscious
Omar” was subjected to preliminary tests that showed a third-degree dehydration. He was given IV fluids according to the WHO protocol and standards … But diarrhea did not stop. Dr. Omar Al-Fahd decided to transfer him to the patient lying room in the corner of the rehydration, which was established in the unit in mid-March 2019 with five other corners in Mawiyah and As Silw districts to treat acute cases of diarrhea and cholera suspected that have spread in the area. This is part of the “Emergency Integrated Assistance for Health and Nutrition, Water Supply and Sanitation Project, which is being implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) with the support of the Humanitarian Fund – Yemen (YHF) since November 2018 in Mawiyah and As Silw districts in Taiz city. In the corner of the rehydration, doctor “Jamil Al-Ganadi” supervised monitoring the condition of the child “Omar”. “After hours of follow-up, Omar started to regain consciousness, and his health started to return gradually,” he said. The vomit stopped and the treatment plan was shifted from plan b to plan A, and Omar managed to drink the solution of the rehydration, ” he said
After 48 hours, “Omar” got up from the bed of the disease to stand on his feet and walk with a smile that gives hope and life. He asked the team to see his father and said “I want to go home … I am OK ”
His father heard the sound, who stayed for two days and two nights, tied alone on the waiting seat, with his black ideas and a gleam of hope. Khalid rushed to embrace his child. He thanked the health workers and said, “I’m really over the moon … I am enough to see my son alive, happiness will prevail our home,” he said.
Dr. Amr Al-Fahd / Health and Nutrition Officer in the project says: “A sick child can die if he does not get the appropriate and timely treatment for the disease
We provide the corners of the rehydration established by the project in Mawyah and As Silw, with oral rehydration salts, intravenous fluid and means of control of diarrhea, in order to provide patients with immediate treatment.”
The spread of acute watery diarrhea and suspected cholera cases in the Malawiya and Silo districts has decreased, thanks to the unprecedented response efforts of the project.
We, in Tamdeen Youth Foundation, are proud of the successful partnership with the Humanitarian Pooled Fund.

The child, Mubarak … Returning to life from the edge of death!

From the edge of death, Mubarak returned to life, he woke up from syncope … opened his eyes again … smiled to his family which brought him in despair to Al-Erwa’a corner, affiliated to Tamdeen Youth Foundation in Al-Silw district, Taiz Governorate, to confront cholera and severe diarrhea. Mubarak Sami Qa’id Abdullah, 8 years old, was taken to Al-Erwa’a corner in the Qaradha unit in Al-Silw at 2:00 AM on Tuesday, 23 April. The health and nutrition officer in the emergency integrated assistance project implemented by the foundation supported by Yemen Humanitarian Pooled Fund (YHPF) in Al-Silwa and Mawayah districts, Dr. Omar Al-Fahd says: “The child was suffering from severe watery diarrhea with loss of consciousness due to loss of fluids … I gave him intravenous fluid for three hours In accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) regulations, he began to regain consciousness, the intravenous fluid were stopped and we took care of him till he became well. Mubarak is one of 900 cases to be received by the five corners of Al_Erwa’a set up by Tamdeen Foundation in Al-Silw and Mawayah districts at the end of March and they still receive cases of water diarrhea similar to cholera. Beside Al-Erwa’a Corners, Tamdeen Youth Foundation re-operated 6 health facilities in the two districts, provided them with medicines, and gave financial incentives to their employees. Since the beginning of this year, these facilities provide public health services to over 10,000 patients in both districts.

From fragile iron hangars to a model school

Despite what the war has brought to the education system in #Yemen, the destruction of many schools and the closure of the rest due to the crises and Corona-19 pandemic, Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF is making hope from the rubble, and betting on education as a window to recover from the current tragic situation. In Ayfoua Shara’ab hamlet in Taiz governorate, and in response to the call of the parents to rescue hundreds of their children who receive their education in fragile iron hangars, which were destroyed because of being old, the sun and rain, Tamdeen Foundation , and in partnership with the Community Committee, is fulfilling the dream of parents and pupils by implementing a model school project in Bashimah village to teach boys and girls. The school has 9 classes, 4 toilets, management and a water tank. This project, by applying the participatory approach with local communities and their representatives, has succeeded in reaching the heart of society and influencing it to better change social realities, declaring the birth of a development community capable of drawing its plans, setting its goals, and defining its development and service needs. Tamdeen Youth Foundation renews its appeal to the private sector and businessmen to contribute to the completion of the project, to support its education program and to empower communities.