Despite what the war has brought to the education system in #Yemen, the destruction of many schools and the closure of the rest due to the crises and Corona-19 pandemic, Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF is making hope from the rubble, and betting on education as a window to recover from the current tragic situation. In Ayfoua Shara’ab hamlet in Taiz governorate, and in response to the call of the parents to rescue hundreds of their children who receive their education in fragile iron hangars, which were destroyed because of being old, the sun and rain, Tamdeen Foundation , and in partnership with the Community Committee, is fulfilling the dream of parents and pupils by implementing a model school project in Bashimah village to teach boys and girls. The school has 9 classes, 4 toilets, management and a water tank. This project, by applying the participatory approach with local communities and their representatives, has succeeded in reaching the heart of society and influencing it to better change social realities, declaring the birth of a development community capable of drawing its plans, setting its goals, and defining its development and service needs. Tamdeen Youth Foundation renews its appeal to the private sector and businessmen to contribute to the completion of the project, to support its education program and to empower communities