In coordination with the Agriculture Office in Taiz governorate, Tamdeen Youth Foundation is implementing a training and awareness program to combat the screwworm fly in Al Ma’afer, which has re-emerged in a number of the governorate’s districts, causing losses to livestock.
The program, which comes within the (Smallholders productivity restoration and enhancement project in Yemen – Horticulture and FFS subcomponents), which is being implemented by the Foundation in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), includes the training of 40 male and female beneficiaries of livestock owners on the combating and treating process implemented by veterinarians, and awareness and guidance methods of protecting animals from the screwworm fly disease.
Director of the Animal Production Sector of the Ministry of Agriculture in the governorate / Damaj Nasr called on farmers, breeders and marketers of animals and livestock the importance of maintaining animal health and attention to hygiene and disinfection of cowsheds on a daily basis to reduce the risk of injury and protect animals from wounds as they are a breeding ground for the screwworm fly