Tamdeen Youth Foundation ( TYF), represented by its Executive Director Dr. Tammam Al Hetari, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development represented by its Executive Director/ Qassim Kamal. The memorandum included cooperation in the fields of “program management, social and economic empowerment, resource mobilization, and promotion of Yemeni youth participation in entrepreneurship”. It also provided for integration in each party’s own advantages, opening up new horizons and promoting the positive role of the two foundations in the development and youth empowerment.
After the signing, Al-Hetari stressed that cooperation between civil society organizations is of great importance in the development of institutional building, professional performance and the advancement of humanitarian work.
For his part, Qassim Kamal expressed his happiness with the joint cooperation between Hemmat Shabab Foundation and Tamdeen Youth Foundation in order to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and common goals.