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2.2 million children need humanitarian assistance
Yemen is the poorest Arab country and one of the least developed countries. It ranks 160 out of 188 countries on the human development index.
Since March 2015, armed conflict has spread rapidly throughout the country with devastating consequences. An estimated 21 million people, including 2.2million children, need humanitarian assistance. A large number of civilians were killed during the war, and with high mortality, life expectancy declined to 63 years and the number of internally displaced persons rose to 3.2 million.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation
We are a non-profit foundation based in Yemen and working in the field to assist vulnerable groups affected by violence and conflict by providing clean water, food and basic necessities for living.
Every day, there is a need to provide relief in Yemen, torn by conflicts, where thousands of civilians struggle to get food, water and medicine.

The war in Yemen leaves large numbers of displaced and affected people every day. As a result of the ongoing fighting, there are about 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance these days. This Puts the humanitarian crisis at the forefront as being the biggest in the world.

Our work
Since the foundation was established on 29 May 2015, through our work in Yemen, we have assisted so many disadvantaged and affected people from violence and conflict… We have been able to implement a variety of projects in Yemen, to combat hunger and cholera, and to assist displaced persons. Our work focuses on assisting communities in war-torn areas, providing food, health, education, and water supply.