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The Foundation works in the fields of (building the capacity of youth – civil awareness and social peace – volunteering – rural development – support and rehabilitation of women – community empowerment). It is currently focusing on contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by implementing projects: (Emergency response – relief and shelter – health and nutrition – water and environmental sanitation – improvement of livelihoods – mobilization and advocacy)

You can identify the entire organization’s work, programs, projects, and how it works through its profile

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Any volunteer can register via our website volunteers are called as needed in the field, management, planning, and technical work.

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We advertise the functions on the Yemen HR site, so we recommend that you continue with the site to increase your submission opportunities.

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Tamdeen Youth Foundation implements its programs with developmental and humanitarian projects according to studies, field surveys, chronic periods and specific geographical ranges for each project.

The Foundation relies highly on international donors. Thanks to its hard and transparent work, it has gained the confidence of all its supporters and partners as well as local regulators. United Nations organizations, offices and funds are the largest supporters.

It is a non-profit organization. It was founded on May 29th 2013. It provides community development programs, civic education and capacity-building. It has a distinct balance in emergency humanitarian response and positive interventions in emergency situations. It has a staff and youth teams with high qualifications and experience in volunteering, innovation, and human work. Its programs, projects and services are implemented in accordance with deliberated and renewed plans and strategies and a method of work based on scientific methodology. It also has strategic partnerships with many international, regional and local organizations.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation is the unity of ideas, visions, messages and goals. Its identity is summarized in its logo according to facts and meanings which don’t resemble the usual meanings.

It’s called (Tamdeen Youth ) because the real civilization is in the ways of thinking, speaking and dealing with others based on a system of civilized values that respects human being and protects his dignity. The youth are power, mettle, enthusiasm, vitality, thinking and creativity. The logo colors create hope and optimism and manifest diversity and coexistence. The colors draw a united board to show the foundation aproach in making alliances, partnerships and teamwork for a more humane and just world. It also takes a universal spherical shape that reflects the foundation values in respecting other’s rights of different races, orientations and beliefs; working for human service; and achieving better living conditions for all people one day.

The staff and teams of the Foundation are independent young people, both female and male, its efficiency and diversity are from the organization’s power sources, who constantly develop performance for everyone from his/her position and job in its location and through its function. The foundation employs consultants in specific areas… The Foundation does not allow biases in its work because it is committed to the charter of the United Nations and the standards of international humanitarian action. It also has a code of conduct binding on all its workers.

– Building productive and civil societies that respect diversity and human rights.

– enabling young women and men to participate in public life and decision-making.

– Mobilizing resources for sustainable development.

– Rapid response to emergency situations in the area of relief and humanitarian action.

– Creation of a new culture of voluntary action.

– Assisting communities to recover from the damage caused by disasters and conflicts and to restore their productive capacities.

– spreading peace and building generations that believe in love and tolerance.

The Foundation’s work is concentrated in Yemen. It implements its programs and projects in most Yemeni cities and governorates. Its public administration in Sana’a has offices in Aden, Taiz, Ibb and temporary offices in the current project implementation areas

General Administration- Sana’a

Haddah Street behind the UN compound

T – 01-421845

Taiz Office

Gamal Street- Fourth floor of Al-Odaini Building across from AlKuraimi bank

T – 04-260119

Ibb Office

Thirtieth Street behind the UNICEF office next to the medical city.

T – 04-451006

Aden Office- Almo’alla

Main Street- Kenya Plaza Building

T – 730001925

Jordan- Amman

Regional Office of Tamdeen Youth Foundation

T – +962777550774




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