International teachers Day

5 October 2019

On their international day, Yemeni teachers say” we cannot provide the value of transportation to school!

The International Day of teachers comes on October 5 and the educational process in Yemen is in danger because 127000 teachers in 13 Yemeni cities are deprived of their salaries for the third year, while millions of children are deprived of their right in education and their hope for a better future.  Saddiq Al Gharasi, a government teacher in Sana’a, 17 years ago, has been unable to pay rent for his apartment which he live with his family in. “We, the teachers have the pain of depriving our children of education, but we have exhausted all our savings to live, and I cannot provide the value of transportation to school,” he says.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation appeals to the governments of Sana’a and Aden to work together and find an immediate solution to provide salaries for all teachers and educational  workers so that children can continue to learn. It also appeals to the United Nations and its envoy in Yemen to pressure on the parties to the conflict to resolve the salary crisis for all civil service