June 2020

From fragile iron hangars to a model school

Despite what the war has brought to the education system in #Yemen, the destruction of many schools and the closure of the rest due to the crises and Corona-19 pandemic, Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF is making hope from the rubble, and betting on education as a window to recover from the current tragic situation. In Ayfoua Shara’ab hamlet in Taiz governorate, and in response to the call of the parents to rescue hundreds of their children who receive their education in fragile iron hangars, which were destroyed because of being old, the sun and rain, Tamdeen Foundation , and in partnership with the Community Committee, is fulfilling the dream of parents and pupils by implementing a model school project in Bashimah village to teach boys and girls. The school has 9 classes, 4 toilets, management and a water tank. This project, by applying the participatory approach with local communities and their representatives, has succeeded in reaching the heart of society and influencing it to better change social realities, declaring the birth of a development community capable of drawing its plans, setting its goals, and defining its development and service needs. Tamdeen Youth Foundation renews its appeal to the private sector and businessmen to contribute to the completion of the project, to support its education program and to empower communities

Tamdeen Youth Foundation implements 3 projects in Dhamar Governorate to deliver clean, sustainable water with solar energy.

To provide water services in a sustainable manner, TYF Tamdeen Youth Foundation, in close partnership with #UNICEF, carries out 3 water projects in the solar-powered Dhamar Governorate, benefiting 7,671 people. These projects include (rehabilitation of wells and water networks, and building reservoirs, in Siblah Bani Bakhit in Al-Hada district, Saylah Maasag in the Ans district, and Sofal in Jahran district). This is part of the emergency water interventions and environmental sanitation project and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities for 51 health units in Amanat Al Asimah and Dhamar Governorate

May 2020

Training program to promote the capabilities of emergency doctors and nurses in dealing with Corona-19


At the initiative of Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF), Improve Your Society Organization (IYSO), Enqath Foundation for Development (EFD) and the National Organization for Health Development (NOHD), and in coordination with the Office of Public Health and Population in Taiz, a training program for emergency and nursing doctors was launched on Saturday in 4 hospitals in the center of the governorate to promote their capacity to deal with Coronavirus ( Covid-19).
The 6-day program includes theoretical and practical intensive lessons for 50 doctors and nurses in the hospitals of (Al-Ta’awon, Al-Askari, Al-Mudhafar, Yemeni-Swedish maternal and child) on the WHO-approved security and safety standards, and procedures for detecting and dealing with cases infected with Coronavirus (Covid19).
These doctors and nurses will also be provided with personal protective equipment to protect them from the infectious virus.

To protect them from the Corona virus 19 … Tamdeen Youth Foundation delivers WFP assistance to beneficiaries’ homes.


In light of the Corona pandemic 19, TYF Youth City, in partnership with the World Food Program (WFP), is continuing to distribute food aid to thousands of poorest families in Yemen, which is a lifeline. Where the Foundation launched the distribution of food ration for the April 2020 cycle in the Directorate of Mukhaddar in Ibb Governorate for 9 thousand and 663 families, taking the necessary preventive measures in distribution centers such as physical spacing, hand washing, and the delivery of 50% of the aid to the beneficiaries’ homes by using dozens of volunteers alongside teams The project to protect these families from the #Corona virus

The comprehensive clean-up campaign for Dhamar governorate achieves a great success and promotes the preventive measures against Corona (Covid19) pandemic.

The project of the “emergency interventions in WASH”, implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) in partnership with UNICEF, has been able to implement a comprehensive clean-up campaign for Dhamar governorate, where 638 tons of waste and garbage piles were lifted from the main and sub streets and all residential districts in the governorate in cooperation with the governorate’s Hygiene and Improvement Fund.
The project’s clean-up component officer Engineer / Mohammed Soayleh emphasized that the campaign has achieved double of what was planned in its objectives due to the persistence of the project team, the interaction of local authorities, the cleaning workers and the residents. In addition to their great contribution to the success of the campaign that promoted the preventive measures to confront Corona (Covid 19) pandemic, and raised the level of awareness of the importance of hygiene and its role in protecting against diseases and epidemics and preserving the environment.

Training 100 volunteers to promote community awareness andprevention of Corona ( Covid19 )

In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Population, and within the integrated program to confront #Corona ( #Covid19 ), Tamdeen Youth Foundation organized a special training course for 100 volunteers in Mawyah district in Taiz governorate. This course is to contribute to raising community awareness of the dangers of the global pandemic, changing wrong behaviors and practices in hygiene and social habits, and fighting rumors and misinformation about the infectious virus in order to promote preventive and precautionary measures.
At the end of the course, bags of hygiene were distributed to volunteers and they were provided with awareness posters

In partnership with UNICEF, Tamdeen Youth Foundation launches acomprehensive clean-up campaign for Dhamar governorate

In cooperation with the Governorate’s Hygiene and Improvement Fund and within the project of the ” Emergency Interventions in WASH and Rehabilitation of Health Centres in Sana’a and Dhamar, funded by UNICEF, Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF launched today a comprehensive clean-up campaign for Dhamar governorate.
The cleaning component officer in the project/ Mohammed Swayleh explained that the 5-day campaign managed on the first day to lift 80 tons of garbage and solid waste that was accumulated in the southwestern districts. The rest of the districts of Dhamar governorate will be included in the next four days in order to achieve the goal in protecting the population from epidemics and diseases and improving the aesthetic appearance of the governorate.
Fahad Abdul Hamid al-Marouni, first deputy of Dhamar governorate, praised the level of preparation for the campaign, and the integration between Tamdeen Youth Foundation and the Hygiene and Improvment Fund. He called on citizens to interact and abide by civilized behavior and put waste in their designated places.
In his turn, the Director-General of the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in Dhamar / Faisal Hassan emphasized the support of the fund to make the campaign a success and raise the waste first.

April 2020

Launching the first phase of the health team training program to confront Coronavirus (Covid19)

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health in Aden and in partnership with the Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS), Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) has launched a training program for health personnel to confront the Coronavirus (Covid 19). In its first phase, the program targeted 100 emergency doctors in private hospitals in Aden, and they represent the first line of defense to confront the new virus . Over two days, trainees received intensive theoretical lessons and practical applications on WHO-approved security and safety standards and procedures for detecting and dealing with cases infected with the Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Helding the first coordination meeting to support the health sector and to confront Corona (Coved19)

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and in partnership with the General Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) organized today (Monday) the first coordination meeting to support the health sector and confront Corona (Coved19). In the meeting that was held in Al-Qaeda town, the General Director of the Medical Facilities of Sana’a Dr. Mohammed Al-Somaly called on all entities, institutions and individuals to fulfill their national and humanitarian duty, and to support the ministry’s efforts in confronting the dangers of spreading the new virus. He emphasized that the ministry is working to provide all the available facilities and capabilities to confront this epidemic.
For his part, the chairman of Tamdeen Youth Foundation/ Hussein Al-Suhaily emphasized the mobilization of energy, the investment of time and the unification of efforts of the government, the private sectors and the civil society organizations to implement a package of preventive measures and to raise the health sector’s readiness. He added that: ” Tamdeen Youth Foundation, with all its capabilities, staff and volunteers, supports the official efforts and integrates with the private sector and humanitarian response partners to save the lives of citizens and alleviate the consequences of the global pandemic on the poorest groups in Yemen. Al-Suhaily pointed out that Taiz and Ibb governorates are the most densely populated in Yemen and the highest risk in the event of spread of the infectious virus due to the easiest health infrastructure in the two governorates. He called for the urgent need to equip isolation centers, provide them with health equipment and all supplies, and to provide medical and nursing staff and qualify them on how to deal with suspicious and infected cases.
For their part, The General Director of the Health and Population Office in Taiz Governorate, Dr. Abdul Malik Al Mutawakil, and the General Director of the Health and Population Office in Ibb Governorate Dr. Abdullah Al-Samo’ey, appreciated the initiative of the Tamdeen Youth Foundation to support the health sector and confront Corona (Coved19). They confirmed the integration with the foundation and the private sector to prepare an isolation center beside the isolation center in Al-Raheda town, as they are urgently needed to promote the precautionary measures and fill the gap of emergency health needs in the two governorates.
The meeting included discussions and interventions by the Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiz-Al Hawban / Fouad Al-Suhbani, and the Director of Tamdeen Youth Foundation region of Taiz and Ibb/ Bader Addine Al-Fahd, and representatives of private medical hospitals in Dhi Al-Sufal and Al-Ta’aziyah districts.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF trains health facility workers to respond to Corona (Covid-19) pandemic


The protection of health care and humanitarian workers is essential, so Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF is preparing to respond to Corona (Covid-19) pandemic and train its teams and volunteers to deal with the possible cases of the infectious virus.
Today, Sunday, within the integrated health, nutrition, and WASH assistance project that is being implemented by the Foundation in partnership with the Humanitarian Pooled Fund in Yemen (YHF) in Taiz and Al Hudaydah governorates. The training course for health facility workers on measures to prevent and combat (Covid-19) infection has begun in Al Mukha district.
The 4-day course, during which the project’s health facilities workers in Al Mukha and Dhubab districts receive training on the use of personal protective equipment, examining patients to identify symptoms of Covid-19, isolating infected people and tracking contacts, as well as providing health education and psychological support services to those most at risk of the disease.

Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF distributes food assistance according to the preventive measures of Coronavirus.


In partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), and according to a package of precautionary measures to prevent the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) launched today the distribution of food assistance rations of March cycle (2020) for 23,000 and 463 families from the neediest groups in Al Mesrakh and Jabal Habashi districts in Taiz governorate. The preventive measures included “physical spacing”, keeping a safe distance between each beneficiary and another, as well as among the project staff (at least one meter). The distribution centers were sterilized, the sterilization materials were provided for all, and the beneficiaries were educated about the dangers of Coronavirus, its transmission methods and how to prevent it. In addition, the distribution committees and workers wore the medical masks and gloves.

Civil society organizations demand a package of urgent measures to confront the possible spread of Corona epidemic in Yemen.


Nine effective civil society organizations in Yemen issued a joint statement calling for stopping the war and fighting, ending the state of division, and full time to confront the likely spread of Corona epidemic; stressing the urgency of taking a package of urgent measures and procedures.
In their statement, local organizations declared full involvement with all their abilities, cadres and teams to support the governmental efforts and local authorities all over Yemen to confront the epidemic and its consequences, emphasizing the true partnership between the governmental authorities in Sana’a, Aden, the private sector, civil society organizations, humanitarian response partners and all concerned parties, and using the time to work in a unified and orderly way.

The statement reads as follows:

Civil society organizations in Yemen are following up with deep concern the worldwide spread of Corona epidemic, its impact on more victims and patients, its destruction of the economies of the major countries, in addition to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) warnings against inaction in confronting the epidemic and “preparing for a large-scale transmission of infection”.
Although Yemen has no confirmed virus infection so far, the continuation of the sixth year’s war and internal fighting, and the divisions between the Yemeni parties represent a great challenge, and portend serious consequences for the country whose health system is facing near collapse, and most of its population lack food and clean drinking water.
In order to avoid the disaster, we call on all to deal responsibly with the serious dangers and consequences of the epidemic and declare:
1-Our support to the United Nations calls for stopping the war and armed conflicts in Yemen, and to be full-time to confront a possible spread of the virus and implement an emergency and coordinated response to protect Yemenis.
2- We appeal to the United Nations and international organizations to maintain the continuity of humanitarian operations in Yemen and to provide more life-saving assistance to millions of Yemenis, especially in these very complicated circumstances and risks.
3-The international community should not give up its humanitarian responsibility toward Yemen, which would increase the risk of the spread of Coronavirus, and it would be difficult to contain it with a fragile health system and lack of resources.
4-Accelerate the formation of a joint emergency committee between Sana’a and Aden, in real partnership with the private sector, concerned international organizations and civil society organizations, and work in a coordinated manner to address the potential spread of Coronavirus and reduce the consequences of the epidemic.
5-Preparing temporary hospitals to isolate and care people infected with the virus, provide quarantine rooms with all medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment and shelter and food services, and provide safety tools for doctors and health workers.
6-Contact with donor countries and international organizations and funds to provide funding for “Health Security” in Yemen at this phase, to maintain basic health services, whose neglect may have a disastrous effect worse than the spread of Coronavirus.
7-Agreement with the Humanitarian Pooled Fund in Yemen to allocate the greatest amount of support in its humanitarian response plans to health, water, sanitation and hygiene.
8-Expansion of the WHO-funded “Minimum Health Services Package Project”, which provides basic health care to millions of Yemenis, meets the urgent needs of the most vulnerable groups, and keeps the health system from complete collapse.
9-Payment of salaries to all civil servants and pensioners, and transfer of social security assistance to poor families so that these groups can withstand the consequences of the global pandemic.
10-Provision of commercial and credit facilities to the private sector to provide citizens with food and commodities.
11-Involvement of the private sector and local producers in the provision of health prevention equipment and supplies due to limited quantities in Yemen and the global shortage.
12-We call upon all Yemeni embassies and consulates to follow up the situation of Yemenis abroad and to provide them with the necessary care.
13-We warn against the negligence of the severity of this epidemic as it spreads rapidly, and call on Yemenis to abide by the precautionary measures approved by the emergency committees and local authorities, and to emphasize the safety measures in all ports and avoid gatherings in markets, mosques and Qat chowing chambers.

In conclusion: We trust that all parties and humanitarian partners will respond to the initiative, in order to ensure safety for all.

issued by:
Abs Development Organization for woman and child
Sustainable Development Foundation
Field Medical Foundation
Tamdeen Youth Foundation
Relief and Development Peer Foundation
Life Makers Meeting Place Organization
Yemeni Development Network
Soul for Development Organization
Medical Mercy Foundation

The first among Yemeni organizations and foundations is Tamdeen Youth Foundation, which is a member of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), Geneva


Tamdeen Youth Foundation has been a member of the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), in Geneva, in a new achievement that enables the Foundation to represent Yemeni organizations, as well as to open a new window to communicate with humanitarian actors and exchange experiences and information among its members. Tamdeen Youth Foundation is the first among Yemeni organizations and institutions to have this membership. ICVA is an international network established in 1965 and comprises over 100 humanitarian organizations

March 2020

Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF provides health services to more than 20,000 people in Al Mukha and Dhubab.

20 thousand and 533 beneficiaries of the (integrated assistance for the most vulnerable groups project), implemented by Tamdeen Youth Foundation TYF in Al Mukha and Dhubab districts with the support of the Humanitarian Pooled Fund – in Yemen  YHF, from October 2019 to February 2020. The project has reoperated 6 health facilities which are ( Al-Grafi Health Center in Al Mukha, Al-Kudaihah Health Unit in Al Mukha, Hessi Salem Unit in Al Mukha, Al-Rawa’a Health Center in Dhubab, Al-Kadahah Health Unit in Dhubab and Al-Ordhey Health Unit in Bani Al Hakam hamlet, Dhubab district). With the support of our partners, local community cooperation and efforts of doctors, health workers and community health volunteers, the project has been able to save the lives of 171 children (boys and girls) from severe acute malnutrition and to check and treat 237 cases of malaria infection, and distribute 202 bags of hygiene. It was also able to immunize 275 against fatal diseases, as well as provide public health services to 12,000 and 889 people. These facilities received 134 births and provided care for mothers and newborns, as well as family planning services for 275 women of marital age, and care services for 615 pregnant and nursing mothers, and an urgent response to cholera cases for 1096 people. The project continues to provide emergency life-saving assistance and minimal primary health-care services to the most vulnerable populations in the targeted areas in Al Mukha and Dhubab