Who we are

Tamdeen Youth (TYF) is a non-profit, non-governmental, development and independent foundation

Our vision

Sustainable development that provides opportunities for a decent life for all

Our Mission

Leadership in empowering young people to build productive communities, and effective and responsible citizenship

Our Objectives

Building productive and civil societies that respect diversity and human right.

Empowering young and youth women to participate in public life and decision-making.

Mobilize resources to achieve sustainable development.

Rapid response to emergency relief and humanitarian action.

Creating a new culture of voluntary work.

Helping communities to recover from disaster and conflict damage and restore their productive capacity.

Spreading peace and building generations that believe in love and tolerance.

Our Values

Credibility: Achieving transparency that raises the level of confidence in the foundation internally and externally.

Quality: Achieving the quality of operations and services at all stages.

Teamwork: Raising the level of teamwork and the integrating work and its elements.

Initiative: Enhancing the motivation of the staff which raises their efforts and achievements.


Our community is our responsibility.